Level 3 – On-Site Advantage

Level 3 On-Site Advantage

Combining state-of-the-art technology with an on-site professional gives you a relationship-based staffing service unmatched in the industry. A Snider-Blake professional – utilizing the Automated Timekeeping System – will be on-site to fully manage your supplemental staff. In addition to employee orientation, motivation and discipline, supplemental staffing levels will be maintained, policies and procedures will be reviewed. Further, thorough timekeeping records, management reports and staffing recommendations will be provided.

On-Site Advantages That Work For You

Incremental Benefits and Services:

Our On-Site Advantage Program – Level 3 – in addition to its own benefits and services, includes all the same advantages as levels one and two.

Comprehensive Reporting:

Compilation, dissemination, and interpretation of customized daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports.

Increased Productivity:

Productivity increases when your peak work-load and staffing needs are anticipated. Additionally, this program enables our on-site coordinator to minimize and maximize your company’s workforce, thereby eliminating turnover.

Effective Communications:

Our on-site coordinator will be responsible for managing departmental communications as related to supplemental staffing. This eliminates the risk of miscommunication between Snider-Blake and your staff.

Staffing Resource Management:

Our on-site staffing professional will manage your supplemental staff completely, including:

  • Ordering of supplemental staff to ensure Just-In-Time staffing
  • Management of discipline and post termination issues
  • Distribution of paychecks
  • Tracking of all workers compensation issues
  • Reduction of employee law suit risk


Proven Expertise That Works For You


Our unique relationship-based approach to this staffing program is its’ key to success. Educating ourselves regarding your organization’s overall philosophy, product and people enables us to partner with you in maintaining peak efficiency.

Single Source Quality:

Simply stated, this program ensures that your organization’s needs are fulfilled with consistency and the highest quality available.

Industry Leadership:

Snider-Blake Personnel has provided its’ customers with innovative staffing solutions since 1952.