Level 1 – Staffing Partner

Level 1 Staffing Partner Program

Proactive, efficient and flexible. These are the qualities that make Snider-Blake Personnel’s Staffing Partner program such a great fit for so many companies. Once this relationship-based program is established, our Staffing Partner program allows us to plan the direction for your staffing needs – collapsing and expanding your workforce as needed – so your work load is accomplished at the lowest possible cost.

Staffing Partner Advantages That Work For You

Traditional Staffing Convenience:

Recruiting, interviewing, screening and hiring – Snider-Blake Personnel will work to ensure you have the staff you need to meet your highest productivity.


We will work with you to pin-point periods of peak work-loads to guarantee that your organization is prepared with the staff needed to be productive and efficient.

Cost Effectiveness:

Planning for your production and labor needs in advance ensures that staffing is strategic – using supplemental personnel only when needed – thereby keeping overhead costs to a minimum.

Labor Efficiency:

Our Staffing Partner program is the first important step to Just-In-Time Staffing, allowing you to minimize or maximize your work force.

Comprehensive Reporting:

Our thorough management reports give you the edge needed to optimize
production planning.


Proven Expertise That Works For You


Our unique relationship-based approach to this staffing program is its’ key to success. Educating ourselves regarding your organization’s overall philosophy, product and people enables us to partner with you in maintaining peak efficiency.

Single Source Quality:

Simply stated, this program ensures that your organization’s needs are fulfilled with consistency and the highest quality available.

Industry Leadership:

Snider-Blake Personnel has provided its’ customers with innovative staffing solutions since 1952.