Staffing Divisions

Staffing Divisions that Work for You

Our four staffing divisions encompass a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet your company’s office or industrial personnel needs.  Our services and programs are tested and proven. This enables us to provide programs and services that are the most highly developed and the most highly effective. Snider-Blake’s staffing divisions are committed to helping you make the most of your organization’s core staff.

Office Staffing

Office staffing services thoroughly evaluate each candidate, measuring proficiency levels in practical abilities such as math, spelling, data entry, accounting, word processing and other specialized skills. An in-depth interview evaluates professional knowledge, work experience, job preferences, as well as personal dedication, motivation and proficiency. This overall evaluation enables us to ensure an excellent match between a job description and a candidate.  [Click Here to Find Out More]

Industrial Staffing

Industrial staffing services provide skilled and unskilled laborers, for factories and distribution centers that are selected and screened to ensure you receive the most qualified and professional personnel. Maximizing efficiency and productivity, Snider-Blake’s industrial staffing division shares this goal with your organization.[Click Here to Find Out More]

Corporate Screening

Corporate screening programs provide the resources necessary to complete a range of background checks, drug testing, skill testing, and supplemental training on current or potential personnel. Our Corporate Screening programs are thorough, timely, and cost efficient.[Click Here to Find Out More]

Human Resource Consulting

Human resource consulting specialists will work with you to develop resources tailored to your business. This customized service brings vital business tools such as:

  • human resource manuals
  • management – employee handbooks
  • development of policies, rules and regulations
  • skill and management training

Snider-Blake Personnel provides the benefit of a fully developed Human Resource Department without the expense or overhead.[Click Here to Find Out More]